Decrease costs and increase response rates every time you mail!  Match your mailing file to the NCOA (National Change of Address).

18% of the population moves every year, which guarantees that almost every marketing database will have outdated address information. The USPS®estimates that 8% of all Standard Mail is undeliverable due to incorrect addresses; the largest reason being outdated addresses.

Mailing to outdated addresses means lost opportunities, lost sales and wasted money. NCOA identifies changes of address on both consumer and business records, saving you printing and postage costs. Your valuable customers’ records are updated ensuring they receive current and future mailings.

There are two NCOA options: 48, or 18 Month update.  We recommend the full 48 Month process to capture the most updates as we often find 20% more matches when going back the whole 48 months.

Approximately 40 million COA’s are filed annually, and the database is updated on a weekly basis. New address information is provided only when the NCOA and input name and address match. NCOA also includes other requisite USPS® processes; CASS ™ & DPV ®, that will standardize and grade the deliverability of each address, LACSLink ® which updates your addresses as a result of 911 municipal conversions and SuiteLink® , which appends missing secondary address information to business records.

NCOA – Return Codes

All records processed through NCOA receive a return code. This return code provides information about what NCOA type of match was found for each record. Our team assists mailers in analyzing the type and number of return codes to determine whether to mail or not. NCOA and DPV footnotes are also returned as part of the output.

First In Home offers NCOA online processing 24/7 and the process is fully automated. All processing is done in our USPS® approved Service Bureau and SOC SSAE 16 secure facility

Benefits & Features

  • Access to approximately 160 million records of permanent address changes filed with the USPS®
  • Update new addresses for individual, family or businesses who moved in the last 4 years.
  • Realize a 3% – 15% delivery improvement by reducing the amount of undeliverable or delayed mail.
  • Qualify for USPS automation and presort discounts
  • Convenient and fast online processing at competitive prices with comprehensive reports
  • Dedicated customer support


Find Additional Changes of Address to Reach Your Customers & Prospects.

The MAXCOA product is a proprietary change of address (PCOA) data file that supplies changes of address that the USPS® NCOA process does not provide. MaxCOA moves are processed and validated at an individual level to increase accuracy.

The MaxCOA database is one of the most comprehensive proprietary COA files available, covering the last 60 months. The data is compiled from quality sources including: credit cards, self-reported data, publishers and major reference files. Extensive matching criteria are used in the process. Match rates typically are in the 1 – 2% range, though older lists will often match at higher rates.

We recommend running the MaxCOA in conjunction with the NCOA for maximum address update.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 5 years of proprietary change of address
  • Improves database accuracy allowing for better data enhancements
  • Confidence Level Options – High confidence only or all matches
  • Save on printing, postage & production costs by mailing to the most current and accurate address

CASS™ (Includes DPV ®, LACSLink® and Suite Link®)

Standardize to USPS® format, and receive a deliverability grade on each address.

CASS™ is a required process in qualification for USPS® presorts, saturation, and automation discounts. We quickly and inexpensively run mailing lists through this fundamental process. The process will standardize your addresses in the USPS® format and provides four essential USPS® processes.


(Coding Accuracy Support System) provides the standardization of addresses into the standard USPS® format, adds the five-digit ZIP, ZIP + 4® codes, delivery point and carrier route codes.


(Delivery Point Validation) will indicate whether an address is a deliverable address, based on USPS® National Address File. In addition, we assign a mail deliverability index to every address in your database to indicate which addresses are deliverable and which are not.


The Locatable Address Conversion System is a database of converted addresses that primarily arise from the implementation of the 911 system. 911 address conversions normally involve changing rural-style addresses to city-style addresses. Conversions may result in the renaming and/or renumbering of existing city style addresses. LACSLink® reduces undeliverable mail by providing the most current address information for matches made to the LACSLink® file.

Suite Link®

SuiteLink® is a USPS® database containing business addressing information specifically identified as high-rise default records as a result of CASS™ processing. SuiteLink® will append the secondary (suite) information to a business address providing the input address is determined to be a high-rise default record. The SuiteLink® product will enable customers to provide improved business addressing information by adding known secondary (suite) information to business addresses.

The process provides the required CASS™ certificate – PS Form 3553

The Service Bureau updates the ZIP+4 directory on a monthly basis to provide the most accurate data available.

Features & Benefits

  • Standardize your addresses to the USPS® format, and improve NCOALink® and other hygiene matches
  • Qualify for USPS® automation and presort discounts
  • Append congressional district and county code.
All consumer and business mailing lists and count/query system are provided by the parent company First In Home LLC.

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