What is a New Mover?

What is a mover?  A mover is a person or company/entity moving from one location to another.  We commonly refer to the most recent mover segment of the consumer and business population as New Movers, or “consumers in transition”; hence they are either in the process of planning a move, currently moving, or have just recently completed a move.

new-mover-marketingThe Pre-mover file provides two segments.  The first consists of those consumers listing their home for sale weekly and the second weekly pending sales, or homes going to closing within the next thirty (30) days.  The New Mover Connect file lets you know each day when a resident hooks up their phone signifying their presence at that home.  The New Homeowner and Mortgage files confirm the closing and transfer of ownership via deed record and provide important confirmed purchase information to the marketer to present the home-owner with timely offers.

The New Mover on the residential side consists of the Pre-mover, the New Homeowner, New Mortgages, The New Renter (New Movers), The New Residential Phone Connect (New Mover Connects) and the X-Date.

The New Mover on the commercial side
consists of the New Business Hotline and the New Business Connects.  The New Business Hotline lead is compiled and provided to your business to contact when the legal entity is created at the town and county court while the New Business Connects Hotline lead is compiled and provided your business when the phone is connected at the location.   Both lead programs reach the new business at two potential different points during their start-up process.

First In Home will ensure that your Company taps into these valuable market by helping you reach them first. (see Some Facts About New Movers and Small Businesses)

Why Target New Movers?

Each year approximately 40 million new residents move to new homes while approximately Seven (7) million new businesses start their legal lives.  New Movers, both residential and commercial, will spend more on products and services during, and up to a year after their move, then non-movers do.  On average, each new mover spends $8,700 in the eight weeks surrounding their move, making New Movers a $200 billion industry.  New Movers are in need of home, personal, financial, medical, office, food, and entertainment products and services.  This provides a lucrative opportunity for any Business looking to acquire new long-term high value customers, build early brand awareness, improve retention and increase the bottom line continuously.


What Companies Target New Movers

Companies that benefit from using Mover Solutions to increase their Bottom line:

•              Home Services •              Healthcare
•              Lawn Care •              HVAC
•              Home Contractors •              Dining
•              Pest Control •              Entertainment
•              Cable/ Internet •              Delivery Services
•              Alarm and Security •              Automotive
•              Home Goods Stores  
•              Home Improvement Stores  
•              Home Entertainment  
•              Furniture Companies  
•              Moving and Storage Companies  
•              Financial  
•              Insurance  

How Do We Target and Reach New Movers?


There is an extremely narrow window of time to reach these New Movers, and because it’s difficult to identify the exact moment they are in their new residence or business, it’s been difficult to strategically message and promote to this lucrative segment.  First In Home can reach New Movers almost immediately by using a combination of hotline mailing lists targeted simultaneously on multiple channels using traditional methods and a new digital targeting platform that has been customized for New Movers specifically.

Hotline Mailing Lists

First In Home provides several hotline mailing lists for Businesses looking for a continuous, fresh source of new leads to support their customer acquisition and CRM initiatives.  New Movers are always a good option as they are fresh and new from the time they list their home, plan their move, go to closing, purchase/rent a new home, and finally move into their new residence.  Likewise, New Businesses are also in the process of opening up or moving to a new location and are also valuable prospects…


New Movers on Multiple Channels

These new mover programs place your offer and brand in front of consumers in the midst of a “life style change”, and on multiple channels.  New movers will spend more money on a host of products and home services before, during, and up to a year after their move than the non-mover does.  This makes the new mover market a good opportunity for local, regional and national brands.  Many industries outlined above enjoy huge success building their brand and acquiring long-term, high value Customers by incorporating new mover programs into their marketing mix…

All consumer and business mailing lists and count/query system are provided by the parent company First In Home LLC.

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