First In Home provides industry solutions that are used with great success and deployed on multiple channels.  We work with a large variety of Businesses in Industries including, but not limited to, Home Services, Retail, Real Estate, Health, Dining and Entertainment.  As a full service provider, we provide access to the largest consumer, business and life style change databases available to fuel ongoing multi-channel marketing and CRM initiatives.  We provide list building, printing, email deployment, mail house, creative, programming, integration, closed loop and reporting services.  Direct Mail is offered using digital offset printing  and on demand digital printing  and fulfillment.  First In Home also provides customized solutions to meet its Customers’ specific requirements.  Some of the popular Industry programs we offer are listed below.

Home Services Industry

Some of the businesses who service the home owner are: Home Security, HVAC, Electricians, Pest Control, Landscaping, Health Services, Home Improvements, Delivery Services, Furniture, Financial…

New Mover Marketing 

If your company is part of the Home Services Industry you are looking for a continuous flow of long-term, high value prospects.  One of the best ways for this industry to achieve this is by targeting the new mover market .  First in Home offers the Home Services, and other industries,  several mover programs that include Hotline Mailing List programs, Mover Mailers , Mover Email , Cooperative Programs , Digital Movers , Telemarketing/Do Not Call  and Canvassing  (“Door Knocking”).  Contact us  today, or call toll free at 1-855-476-9826.

Business to Business

New Business Direct Mail Program

Reach New Business Startups  nation-wide on a weekly basis.  Compiled weekly, these companies are in need of the products and services your company can provide to help their businesses grow.  We can help you pull the list in your defined marketing area and combine it with a direct mail piece that will effectively deliver your company’s offer and establish early visibility, developing relationships early with new customers that could bear fruit for the long haul.  You will receive a follow up list via email with phone numbers where available, or it can be loaded into our sales automation platform  for real time access.  This is a weekly program and offers a continuous flow of new business leads!!!!

Additionally, this New Business Start Up program can be done using permission-based email marketing  enabling you to contact this market on three (3) channels simultaneously: Direct Mail, Email and Phone.

Another way of reaching this new business segment is through the New Business Connect  file which is provided on a daily basis.  These leads can be emailed as outlined in Hotline List Subscriptions , or loaded into the sales automation platform  and initiate telemarketing  and canvassing programs .  Another way of hitting a new, or expanding business at a time when they are definitely at their new location.

Business Mailers

Using our National Business Database  your Company can target any type of business or concern that will us your services using direct mail, email marketing and telemarketing.  You can use our data enhancement  and email append  service to append business contacts and decision makers and their respective email addresses to your targeted business list enabling you to conduct a permission based email campaign simultaneous to your direct mail campaign.  Finally, you will receive the mailing list with phone numbers where available loaded into our sale optimization platform to follow up reaching the decision maker on multiple levels!

Real Estate and Home Services

Success Mailers

It’s all about promotion.  It’s about constantly farming your territories, or marketing areas at the local level.  Every time your company does something positive, completes a project, or has had a recent success, your targeted market should know about it on a timely basis?  This program is designed to promote the successes of your business on a neighborhood to local level quickly, or in real time.  Whether you are a Realtor who sold, or listed a home in a neighborhood, or a Home Services contractor who has just completed a spectacular job, install, or service, this program is designed to accentuate the positive!  By communicating to the neighbors, or consumers closest to that “success” your business enhances its brand visibility, its reputation and generates more leads.

This program is ideal for farming “pockets” of consumers where there is a sense of immediacy for you to market your services, you are looking to maintain good market penetration, or you are looking to establish your brand in an area for the first time.  Think of it as a proactive yard sign that goes to the neighbors and reminds them of what you can do for them.  Targeted areas and Consumers are sourced from our National Consumer Database  using our mapping tool, carrier routes, street addresses, radius, etc.  The Success Mailer can be sent via direct mail, email and includes a galley, or follow up calling list of those people who received the Success Mailer with phones clearing the Do Not Call, where available.  This enables the Business to follow up and call the recipient to make a personal introduction.  Another name for our Success Mailer sent via email is our Digital Door Hanger.

Retail, Home Services and Multiple Locations

Trading Area Direct Mail

This program is designed for national, regional, or local companies with multiple locations.  Targeted areas and Consumers are sourced from any of our National Consumer  or Business Databases , our Hotline Mailing List  databases, i.e.: new movers , new businesses , or other brokered or specialty lists.  We can use any method to define the marketing areas for each location, store, or office.  Using our mapping tool, we can map out the trading areas for each location, or for each location we can use a radius from street address, a list of zip codes, counties, their MSA’s, etc.    Then we extract the desired database within each location’s defined trading area with appended email addresses where available (if the Customer is deploying email).

The final extracted list is key coded by location, office, or even transaction, facilitating the appropriate personalized location information to be ink jet on a pre-printed mail piece at the time of mailing.

When using On Demand Digital  Direct Mail, or email marketing, where each message is dynamically assembled, the key codes are used relate to the content/images for their respective office/location/transaction programmatically pulling that content (i.e.: Agent, House listed, Store, information, etc.) and merging it onto the respective mail piece (or email placing it into the US mail stream, or deployed via email.  The Key Code enables the follow up leads to be sorted and directed to the specific location, office, agent for follow up using our sales automation platform.  The mail piece is sent to those consumers closest to a specified location providing them with an offer, or call to action to visit that location, call, or visit on line!  This is a program used to generate a constant flow of store traffic and maintain brand awareness in their communities.

Saturation Direct Mail

The Residential Occupancy  direct mail, commonly referred to as “Saturation”, “Walk Sequence”, or Occupant/Resident, is used targeted offers tailored for a defined marketing area surrounding, or containing the true potential customer base of a business.  Saturation is commonly utilized in Success and Trading Area mailings when using residential occupancy as the mailing list.  Here it is commonly used as an announcement vehicle to convey a major message such as: Grand Opening, Going Out of Business Sale, Holiday Blow out Sale, other…   It is used when your message needs to go quickly and to everyone surrounding your location, or in your defined marketing area.  This is the opposite of targeting on demographic attributes.  Here you are contacting the universe.

With Residential Occupancy, you can target entire neighborhoods, counties, and states, or map out specific areas using our mapping tool.   Using Residential Occupancy you can map out the defined marketing areas, or trading areas  for multiple locations as well storing those mappings for repeated use. Using the Residential Occupancy list will reduce postage ($.04 – $.05 per piece standard class postage) and save in mail prep. costs while placing your mailing into potential customers’ hands very quickly.

First In Home can also match up those marketing areas you are mailing saturation with to the National Consumer and Business Databases.  We can then use this database to append email addresses and provide you with a permission based email campaign that can go out simultaneously.

All consumer and business mailing lists and count/query system are provided by the parent company First In Home LLC.

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