Whether your company is looking to send out a postcard, self-mailer, letter, dimensional mail piece, etc., First In Home handles every aspect of your direct mail campaign from concept to completion including mailing list , service bureau , mail house , fulfillment, closed loop and reporting. 

We offer several turnkey direct mail programs such as:  mover mailers , residential saturation, consumer/demographic, business to business, success mailers, and trading area mailings.  These programs can mirror list subscriptions  and be mailed to new prospects on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  Mailings can be mass-mailed to a targeted audience designed to maximize impressions and brand awareness on-demand, or scheduled as needed to support ongoing marketing initiatives. First In Home offers direct mail programs that provide a constant flow of new customers, make your offer stand out, and keep your Company one step ahead of the competition.

About Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail is once again gaining popularity as email inboxes get more and more cluttered.  “With the number of overall mail pieces that households receive down, there is more opportunity for your piece to stand out among the clutter. The key is targeting and personalization, which will make your mail efforts both more affordable and more effective. ” A mail piece that is sent to a targeted audience on a timely basis containing meaningful content will get noticed, and will outperform other methods of customer acquisition and retention.  Direct Mail cuts through the clutter  offering the opportunity to put your advertising right in your customer’s hand.

People Notice (And Act On) It*

  • 92% of shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions.
  • 70% are curious to find out what’s in their mailbox
  • 74% always or sometimes notice advertising in direct mail
  • 42 percent of recipients read or scan mail pieces
  • Direct mail household response rate is at 3.7% (compared to .2% mobile, .1% email, .1% social media, and .02% internet display)
  • Direct mail median household ROI is at a median of 18-20%
  • At 5.0%, oversized postcards have the greatest response rate over other mediums (followed by postcards at 4.25% and dimensional mailings at 4.0%)

* see the link to the article for the author and sources of the above statistics 

First In Home offers full service direct mail programs including:  data sourcing , service bureau , creative , printing , mail house , closed loop  and reporting .  First In Home can work with your in-house creative team, or provide you with creative services  to develop and design your successful direct mail campaign from concept to completion.  

First In Home offers direct mail programs that include Letters, Postcards, Brochures, custom and dimensional mail pieces.  First In Home deploys state of the art printing  technology and provides its customers with a choice of digital off-set or on-demand digital printing and fulfillment.

Digital Off-set Printing and Fulfillment

Mail pieces are printed using the latest digital off-set printing technology.  Each job is pre-printed and stored at our mailing facility for placement into the US Postal system.  Off-set printing is ideal when targeting a larger audience after the mail piece has proven successful through prior split stream A/B testing, and will require only basic personalization at the time of fulfillment.  It has a much lower cost per mail piece due to volume printing.  See printing services for mail piece types, sizes, stocks and coatings available for Off-set Printing and Fulfillment.   

On-Demand Digital Fulfillment

These Direct Mailing programs are awesome!  Mail Pieces are printed and mailed on demand, or as part of an ongoing subscription, letter series, lead incubation, or other type of mailing program that requires moderate to high levels of personalization.  The mail piece, or pieces (we call them templates) are designed using our creative team and stored as digital templates in our servers.  Additionally, these templates are linked with content and images that, based on rules and attributes in the data, are programmatically merged into the template at the time of fulfillment producing a dynamically generated and personalized mail piece.

On Demand Digital Fulfillment is ideal if a company wishes to mail smaller quantities, test different formats, styles, creative, or conduct personalized one to one, event-driven campaigns and notifications.  The majority of printing formats  available for off-set printing are also available for On-Demand Digital Fulfillment.  The cost per piece mailed is much higher for this method of fulfillment, but you can send small runs, and not have to pre-print thereby avoiding wasted printing costs if you have to change mid-stream.   

Subscription Based: Subscription Mailers typical are provided on subscription basis of at least six (6) months for a trial period, or on an annual basis with automatic renewal.  Usually during the trial period, the targeted universe is mailed, but divided amongst test groups to test the mail piece creative.  It is for this reason that, as a best practice, we deploy a combination of On-Demand Digital Fulfillment to test, and Off-Set printing when we are confident of the mail piece’s effectiveness. See Mover Mailers  and Industry Solutions   

Letter Series: Letter Series (Can also use other types of mail pieces mixed in) are a more robust

version of a subscription and consist of several pre-arranged templates organized in a specific succession of stages to project a value proposition, call to action, extend brand, Incubate and nurture prospects, provide information to customers, etc.  Simple series requiring simple personalization can be pre-printed and ink jet at the mail house while more complex programs require on-demand digital fulfillment to enable easy testing as the program progresses.


All marketing is driven by good data! Direct Mail is no different.  It is well known that the least expensive part of the direct mail campaign is usually the mailing list.  Unfortunately, if your mailing list is ineffective, you wasted a lot of money in postage and printing.  Why waste your money?  Plan your direct mail campaign from the beginning by first picking the right mailing list that defines your target.  Whether you are targeting Customers , Prospects , consumers , businesses , movers , or other, you have four (4) obligations. 

  1. Build the best mailing database possible.
  2. Make sure that the mailing list is clean and prepped for mailing, that it has gone through the necessary list hygiene and address standardization. 
  3. Clean data improves match rates, make sure the mailing list contains all the demographic and firmographic attributes required to perform supporting analytics if necessary
  4. Make the mailing meaningful, timely and highly responsive.

First In Home has you covered from concept to completion.  We source and hygiene the mailing list, design the mail piece, print it, perform mail house fulfillment and provide closed loop reporting. 

Mailing lists  are sourced as part of a subscription, part of a trial/test, Scheduled, or On Demand. 

  • All list selects and defined marketing areas (geographical information) are filtered.
  • Office/key codes, if required, are input.
  • Required outputs and formats defined and fulfilled on a daily, weekly, monthly, or On-Demand basis according to the list source being mailed.
  • Customers can also run queries using the free online count system, or by calling our customer support team. 


The Residential Occupancy  direct mail, commonly referred to as “Saturation”, “Walk Sequence”, or Occupant/Resident, is used targeted offers tailored for a defined marketing area surrounding, or containing the true potential customer base of a business.  Saturation is commonly utilized in Success and Trading Area mailings when using residential occupancy as the mailing list.  Here it is commonly used as an announcement vehicle to convey a major message such as: Grand Opening, Going Out of Business Sale, Holiday Blow out Sale, other…   It is used when your message needs to go quickly and to everyone surrounding your location, or in your defined marketing area.  This is the opposite of targeting on demographic attributes.  Here you are contacting the universe.

With Residential Occupancy, you can target entire neighborhoods, counties, and states, or map out specific areas using our mapping tool.   Using Residential Occupancy, you can map out the defined marketing areas, or trading areas for multiple locations as well storing those mappings for repeated use. Using the Residential Occupancy list will reduce postage ($.04 – $.05 per piece standard class postage) and save in mail prep. costs while placing your mailing into potential customers’ hands very quickly.

Letters and Mailers

The mail piece determines the type of fulfillment process and the extent of personalization.  As outlined above Digital Offset Printing allows for simple personalization using laser, or ink jet at the time of addressing and fulfillment.  On Demand Digital Fulfillment allows us to dynamically print the piece, add personalization, offers and content at the time the list is provided for addressing and fulfillment.  The former costs more up front, but has a lower cost per piece in the mail.  The latter cost more per piece, but has minimal upfront costs other than the initial programming and set up, and is ideal for split stream A/B testing.

Mail Piece format is chosen from one of three (3) categories:

  • Postcard
  • Letter
  • Dimensional  Mail
  • color process is chosen, i.e. 4/4 (four color both sides
  • Card or Letter stock of the mail piece, i.e. 14PT. Gloss Coated Cover (C2S) with UV
  • Some common choices are Postcards: 4 x 6, 6 x 9, and 9 x 12 fold-over, Letters 8 ½ x 11 and 8 ½ x 14 with and without BRE’s, etc. 

Mail Piece design and creative is either provided to us by our Customer’s in house team, or Agency, in the agreed upon format, or we do the full design and creative  from concept to completion.  In the case of Offset Printing a Proof of the final mail piece is signed off on and the full ordered quantity of mail pieces is printed up front and placed at the mail house for future mailings.  In the case of On Demand Digital printing a digital template is created, approved and stored digitally for when the mailing list is provided.  Programming is done to build a content pool for the campaign that relates to the corresponding mailing file.  The full job is printed at the time of the mailing on the selected stock.  On Demand Digital printing is ideal for smaller quantities, Split Stream A/B testing and advanced one-to-one personalization.  It is also easy to make changes to the mail piece between runs whereas with Offset you are stuck with the mail pieces already printed. 


In the Mail House:
Digital Offset printing: The data is put through our service bureau, cleaned, CASS certified, mail prepped and loaded to be ink jet or laser addressed to the pre-printed mail pieces in stock.  It is then mailed via the USPS, already sorted, to get optimum postal discounts.  Personalization from data attributes such as name, offer codes or location addresses pertaining to the recipient are dropped in by ink jet or laser. 

On Demand digital printing programmatically matches each recipient in the mailing file with personalized content (“Content Pool”) and dynamically assembles, prints and addresses each mail piece on the chosen stock pre-sorted, personalized, and ready to be placed in the US mail stream.  Some of the content options often used to personalize mailings are: contact/agent info, photo, offer code, offer, location, images, etc.  Any attribute or combination is possible with digital printing.

As discussed previously, all mailings, whether deploying offset, or on demand technology, are mailed according to the frequency designated by the list subscription, or by the Customers’ demand.

Closed Loop and Reporting

All consumer and business mailing lists and count/query system are provided by the parent company First In Home LLC.

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