A demographic data append service is extremely valuable to the marketer for the following reasons:

  1. To further enhance Acquisition efforts by enabling segmenting or basic personalizing of the message using the demographic attributes appended such as gender, ethnicity, income level, presence of children, homeowner, etc.
  2. To enhance CRM initiatives by doing the same.
  3. To Implement Marketing Intelligence
  4. Customer Profile using analytics to produce a complete 360° view of who your customers are and using that profile to boost internal CRM efforts and enhance targeting for Acquisition.
  5. Modeling (Analytics) used to boost response and conversion rates, improve customer retention, loyalty, cross-sell, up-sell, and reduce overall marketing costs by eliminating low-probability prospects.

In order to effectively target and deliver meaningful communications to Customers and Prospects most likely to use your Business’ products and services, you first need to be able to gather a clear understanding of who your customer is.

In today’s marketplace your ability to generate new clients, while retaining and growing existing business, is invariably connected to how well you target your communications. Of course you can’t hit a target if you can’t see it, and in the marketing business that means accurate and detailed information.

First In Home uses its National Consumer database with over 500 attributes to enhance customer and prospect data enabling superior profiling and advanced analytics.

Common demographics (age, income, interests, home value, occupation, race etc.-see our National Consumer Database).  Also available are: Buying activity, Trigger data (life events), Psychographics – Lifestyle segmentation, Auto specific, etc.

We typically match, on the average, between 50 to 70 %; depending on the accuracy of the names and addresses you supply, and the data attributes appended. To maximize match rates, we recommend that you process your file through our NCOA and other address hygiene processes, prior to the demographic append.


  • Enhance your database to allow for a deeper, more sophisticated market segmentation
  • Determine those attributes common to your best customers and use that intelligence to reach your ideal target audience.
  • Build the foundation for further marketing intelligence by fueling Profiles and Models that lift response, increase life-time customer value and eliminate waste.
  • Increase response rates and marketing ROI using basic, response-based, or advanced personalized communications to the right consumer fueled by demographic data enhancement and analytics.
  • The ability to do it yourself using our free online list count system
  • Dedicated customer support Call 1-855-476-9826
All consumer and business mailing lists and count/query system are provided by the parent company First In Home LLC.

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