DataHygieneDrivesMatchRatesClean up your data! Clean accurate data improves the performance of direct marketing initiatives by eliminating waste and improving match rates for data enhancement thereby optimizing the strength of analytics.

First In Home offers several services to help you clean your data:

Address Enhancement

Improve your incorrect or incomplete addresses by 20-40%.  In almost every mailing list a portion of the addresses are undeliverable due to missing or incomplete address elements that Address Standardization software (CASS™) may not be able to ZIP + 4®code. Our Service Bureau uses a proprietary address correction methodology which compares the first name, last name, incomplete address and ZIP Code™ to our National Consumer database. Using sophisticated logic, we correct the undeliverable address provided on a match. The process also adds missing apartment/suite or rural route box numbers to your address file.

This system typically corrects up to 40% of undeliverable as addressed mail. Address Enhancement minimizes the loss caused by mail not reaching its destination.

USPS®* statistics indicate that 23.6% of all mail contains addressing errors. Here’s a breakdown of the most common errors:

  • 2.4% Addressee Moved
  • 6.0% Directional/Suffix Incorrect or Missing
  • 5.9% Street Name and Number Incorrect or Invalid
  • 4.8% ZIP Code™ or City Incorrect
  • 4.5% Apartment Number or Rural Route Box # Missing 23.6%*USPS® document AEC & AEC II™ Guide
Features and Benefits
  • Add records that are now deliverable back into your mailing campaigns to increase response rates and ensure you are reaching valuable customers and prospect.
  • Improves NCOA and other address hygiene match rates
  • Savings on postage, print and production costs by mailing to deliverable addresses.

Before you do a mailing, identify addresses that are undeliverable.

Delivery Sequence File* – Second Generation (DSF2®) is an address accuracy tool that identifies addresses that are deliverable and addresses that are not. Your file is matched to over 145 million addresses (delivery points) in the USPS® DSF2® database

  • enable marketers to distinguish between residential and business addresses, seasonal addresses, vacant locations and the mail delivery method – curbside delivery, door slot, NDCBU (Neighborhood Delivery and Collection Box Unit) or central delivery.
  • assigns walk sequence numbers and provides the documentation necessary to qualify for additional United States Postal Service (USPS®) delivery sequence postage discounts.
  • A Delivery Point Validation (DPV®) module confirms that an address is correct and is an actual USPS® delivery point. It also identifies if the address is a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency(CMRA).
  • DPV® functionality identifies if an address is missing secondary data (Apt#), or contains incorrect secondary data.
  • DSF2® generally enables you to identify 3-6% of your mailing as potentially undeliverable Improves mail deliverability through address standardization and verification at the delivery point level
  • Qualifies mail for additional walk sequence and saturation mail postage discounts
  • Saves on postage and material costs by eliminating undeliverable as addressed mail, i.e. non-existent, incorrect, or incomplete
Deceased Suppression

Minimize insensitive situations caused by sending mail to deceased individuals. Use our Service Bureau’s proprietary Deceased Suppression Processing to reduce the number of deceased individuals you mail to.

Most companies have detailed information in their customers’ records, but often do not know when a customer passes away. That’s why our Service Bureau keeps one of the largest and most effective multi- sourced files of deceased individuals coupled with proprietary address matching logic.

We offer you 2 processing options:

OPTION 1 – Process your file online and we will complete the process in minutes, or hours depending upon the pricing/turnaround you choose.

OPTION 2 – Process yourself in-house by licensing our Suppression File, with or without our easy to use software.

Features & Benefits

  • Compiled from a variety of public and proprietary sources, and refreshed monthly.
  • Includes 55 million names.
  • Powerful Merge/Purge accuracy and pattern recognition techniques identify and suppress records.
  • User -defined matching options
  • Suppression rates range from 1% to 6% based on demographics
  • Reduces printing and postage costs
  • Minimize insensitive situations by deleting deceased individuals prior to mailing
    DMA Mail Preference Suppress

Suppress Names & Addresses that will respond poorly! Use Mail Preference Suppress or Super Suppress!

Mail Preference Suppress

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Mail Preference Service (MPS) is an effective means of purging your lists of records that match the DMA Do Not Mail list, consisting of 4 million+ consumers who do not want to receive advertising mail.

List providers should use this service to identify prospects who should not be included in list rentals for mailing solicitations. It is not mandatory that mailers suppress individuals on the MPS file. The decision to mail or suppress a DMA MPS record is at your discretion. Please note that DMA members are required to suppress prospects, with whom they have no business relationship, and who match the DMA MPS file

Super Suppress

We designed a cost-effective way to combine the most common elements for suppression. Our proprietary Super Suppress process includes the following; Deceased Suppression, Mail Preference Suppression, Profanity, Prison, Nursing Homes, APO/FPO and Blank Addresses.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is an effective means of purging your mail list of the 4 million+ consumers who do not want to receive advertising mail at home.

The Prison file is compiled from records obtained from correctional departments, probation and parole authorities. We suppress addresses of federal prisons, state prisons, county correctional facilities and city jails.

Suppressing nursing homes, APO/FPO (military addresses), profanity and blank address records eliminates risky and unprofitable prospects from your mailing list(s) saving you time and money.

Any of the services included in this process can be ordered separately or in different combinations.

Features and Benefits

  • Save on printing, postage & production costs by not mailing to poor performing records
  • Minimize alienation from prospects who do not want to receive mail
  • Avoid the embarrassment of sending mail addressed to a deceased individual
Name and Address Verify

Is the individual still at the address on your record, even after applying NCOA?

Our Service Bureau provides a complete range of address hygiene services to ensure that the contact information on our clients’ databases is as accurate and current as possible. After updating a database for our clients, some will want to verify the records that we did not update, whether the person they have listed at an address is still located at that address.

Using a proprietary name & address verification process to confirm the name and address and accessing many diverse datasets, totaling over 1 billion records, allows us to determine with a high degree of accuracy whether the name and address are still current. This process is important for any database, but even more significant for records on a database that is older. Several direct mail industry experts believe that up to 40% of individuals who move, do not file a change of address with the post office.

It is recommended that a series of initial hygiene processes; NCOA, AE (address enhancement), and deceased suppression be performed. Once we have applied the results of these processes, we match against all the various databases to verify that individual is still located at that address.

Features and Benefits

  • Save on postage & production costs by eliminating outdated records
  • Confirm a large portion of your customers/prospects at address on your file
  • Determine addresses with new inhabitants as potential new clients
All consumer and business mailing lists and count/query system are provided by the parent company First In Home LLC.

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